CHICAGO | Megatall Project | over 2500 FT

This is just a vision yet not an original Skyscraper proposal. The West Loop District has the potential for one or more supertalls over 1000 - 1400 feet.

This project is just one more example.

These are currently the highest proposal around 600 feet.

Rendering of 1200 W Fulton Street development from Fulton Street by HPA

Does anyone have a suggestion on exactly where a Project like this might fit best and how it might change the skyline?

In the near future, a Supertall may be built and this Topic may be changed as Proposed. One could arise around 2030.


How do you knows it’s over 1200?

Tagged ‘Vision’ For a reason. Absolutely agreed a future supertall will be built in this area, but only if the residents of the area don’t block the project or demand shorter towers. We will see if the 600ft building will be built as proposed.

Since it is very unlikely in the West Market District will emerge a supertall. Wouldn’t it be theoretical to build a megatall in Chicago?

This is a diagram of the unbuilt and visionary Skyscraper projects.

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My render of Chicago’s canceled projects and then one with the Burj Khalifa.




Wow wow

Can you model Mackensen’s “Sky High Towers” concept???

I thought for sure that Chicago would eventually build a taller tower than NYC but it seems like Chicago developed a supertall allergy sometime prior to covid.

Spire site - chopped
Wolfs Point - chopped
Tribune east - axed?
Thompson Center - landmarked

we’re lucky Vista Tower got built before the Chinese credit crackdown

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Chicago has had several chances, with the most legitimate being the Chicago spire which was actually going to get built but then 2008 happened.

As for the overall supertall allergy, yeah it seems to be a problem.
Right now Chicago has 7. But there have been so many proposals that haven’t gotten through it’s really disappointing. If nothing changes in a couple years Toronto will have more. I don’t think Toronto has proposed anything to match Sear or John Hancock, but still it says a lot about Chicago.