CHICAGO | Willis Tower | 1,450 FT | 110 FLOORS


Looks great. Cant wait to go back when it is finished. Last time I was up on the observation deck- the week later the glass boxes started to crack and they closed it for a while.


Wow! I’ll be goddamned!
I’ve been to Chicago with my dad in 2009, and luckily, one week later since the opening of those glass-balconies. And of course, we visited the Willis Tower (or Sears, formerly)! It was great, and now, this project looks really great and nice!
I would like to visit the “Windy City” again, and see this project done as well. :slight_smile:


Come on!..That awful design…because I like better use Lobby Wacker Drive Entrance and plaza foundation so I suggest Willis Tower should have plaza foundation with planters like WTC plaza. How sad and why people always want change all the times I really piss so this not 1970s look like

So when do we start seeing renovations?

Has this started yet?

last I heard the original lobby entrance has already been demolished.

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