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„ A multibuilding development along three of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods, designed by globetrotting architect David Adjaye, is expected to come into clearer view next week when the developer meets with neighbors.

Chicago-based developer Fern Hill plans to discuss its vision for the parcels along Old Town, Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast in a Feb. 2 meeting scheduled by 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins.

Hopkins and the rest of the Chicago City Council ultimately will weigh in on the development proposal, for which few specifics have emerged publicly.“

CoStar News - David Adjaye-Designed Development in Chicago’s Old Town Comes Into Focus

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Yeah, it’s a bummer that there were no renderings but it’s encouraging that they’re consolidating all their FAR onto a single lot. They wouldn’t need to do this unless they’re planning something tall.

Fern Hill

Maybe we see something similar here…

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