CHICAGO | 410 East Grand St | 486 FT | 45 FLOORS


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One sign of a recovering economy is real estate developers jockeying to build new buildings so that they’re ready when the economy improves. An even better sign is when old projects that seemed dead get pulled off the shelves, dusted off, and actually happen.

410 East Grand under construction That’s the case at 410 East Grand Avenue in Streeterville. We started reporting on it in 2011, but its history goes back further than that. But since it was approved by the city 989 days ago (that’s 141 weeks), we’ve hard bupkis. Now Streeterville Spy Jody has sent in pictures of actual work happening at the site.

If you live or work in the area, you noticed that the surface parking lot was closed to the public back in March. Since then, there’s been nothing built on the property more substantial than a guard shack and its companion portable toilet. Now there is actual earth being moved, and a new skyscraper should rise soon.


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