BALTIMORE | Harbor Point | 27 Acre

„ While the new renderings show the neighborhood at full completion, the development team is currently preparing to launch Phase III, with construction occurring on three parcels almost simultaneously. Phase III is scheduled to kick off in March 2022 and will include the new global headquarters for T. Rowe Price, the mixed-use Parcel 4, and Point Park. Ultimately, Phase III will deliver 470,000 SF of new office space, 500 new residential units, approximately 60,000 SF of new retail space, a new 159-key extended-stay hotel, and 4.5 acres of new open park space.

The new renderings also offer a glimpse at a potential concept for Parcel 1, the final undeveloped portion of the project. Though still early in development and highly conceptual, the planned mix for Parcel 1 includes residential, hotel, retail, and office uses, as well as parking.

Located along Baltimore’s scenic waterfront between Harbor East and historic Fell’s Point, Harbor Point is a 27-acre mixed-use project with a planned three million square feet of office, retail, residential, and hotel uses, as well as 9.5 acres of open space.“


Atlanta’s Gulch being redeveloped and now this? I think the Hudson Yards-style redevelopment trend is starting to hit the rest of the pro sports towns!


Just spent a lot of the last year in Baltimore. This development is like half done at the moment and breaking ground on a couple new parcels currently. It is a great addition to the decent parts of this city. Baltimore has very little national-level RE investment but it definitely has some areas with potential. Cost of living is so much cheaper than other cities on the eastern corridor…

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Amazing for Baltimore

They need more modern development in the downtown core, this 1970s looking garbage needs to go


There are a couple that are owned by Brookfield that have been renovated and look decent, the other ones are awful. The ‘old downtown’ there has largely been abandoned in favor of Harbor East where this new development is being added, the old downtown offices are abandoned and it feels like midtown in April 2020 even today. Sad really. Eventually it will be replaced…


Allied Harbor Point - (25FL & 20FL / 500 Units)
These are the tallest buildings currently U/C.
Beatty Development/IG



BALTIMORE | Harbor Point Parcel 1 | U/A | 47 + 37 + 24 FLOORS

500 feet tall.


Great for Charm City. Can’t wait to see these get off the ground.