BALTIMORE | 401 S. Charles Street | ~600 FT | ~50 FLOORS

Phase II of the 414 Light Street apartment project completed in 2018. No timeline released yet but proposal includes 300-400 units and a total of 600k-700k gross square feet.

Project site:


Wouldn’t this be Baltimore’s new tallest? By some margin I think too. Unless I missed the full list. dunno

This would become the tallest in Maryland. And maybe even the tallest between Philadelphia and Charlotte, depending on whether Iconic is built at WMATA Spring Hill in Virginia (also proposed at about 600 feet).


Nice! Seems a lot of cities are getting their new tallest, or new second tallest buildings nowadays. And not even the biggest cities only either. Detroit, Nashville, Baltimore, Austin, Miami, Chicago, San Fran, even the massive New York.


Yes it’s very exciting. There is no officially confirmed height, what I posted is what people on SSC are estimating based on the rendering.

If reality matches the rendering, then yeah it would be the city’s tallest!

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