ATHENS | Hard Rock Hotel & Casino | 656 FT | FLOORS

Credit: Hard Rock

„ Construction of the project is expected to begin within the first months of 2023 and last about 3 years. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens is expected to be ready to welcome the public in 2026.“


I have a general question for you guys:

Which projects in Europe do you find most interesting, whether skyscrapers or infrastructure?


So is the casino part of a masterplanned area or is it just being put there?

How are they going to connect this project to the tram stop, which is on the other side of the highway?

It looks like there’s a footbridge planned, but that’s just to connect it to the marina. That will make it very convenient for the Onassis family to visit. But what about folks coming by tram?

I thought this was Athens Ohio for a second and I did a double take