Rockefeller Center

A lot of coverage by the media for this new attraction :sunglasses:


I love love LOVE that iconic photo, but there’s something sad about that attraction to me. And it’s actually not the price, but GOOD GOD that price!


wholly agree. I saw some ads for it this weekend and I hate to say it but it looked… lame lol


I feel bad for the folks who work at this “attraction.”

Every ten minutes some fat dad from Iowa tells them “beam me up Scottie!”

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Some observations from my visit yesterday.

  • Timed Tickets. Even if you purchase your ticket online, you have to get back in a physical line to get a timed ticket

  • Do not queue up for your Timed Entry until your ticket time reflects the actual time. IOW, if your ticket says 11:30 and you get to the front of the queue at 11:27…you will be sent back to the end of the line (I know this because my analogue watch was 3 minutes fast)

  • Upon arriving on the observation level, there are no time tickets for the ride, which easily takes up a quarter of the 69th floor (and probably an equal amount of the 68th thanks to the hydraulic system) and the line for the ride snakes all around the window for the entire 69th floor which is just idiotic. Not sure if the ride is extra, but I’m sure they’re making bank on photos now too.

  • There is a line to get off the 69th floor and another to get back on the elevators.

Basically they have turned the entire visit into one long line. They’ve forgone the 2nd floor history lesson (where the beam sitting used to be done) so at least I guess you’re waiting in line on the roof now. I saw some people waiting in line for over an hour while I was there and they still hadn’t gotten through.

I would be shocked if the ride were more than two minutes long but we all know my watch cannot be trusted.


30 Rockefeller Center in the distance

Taken on 2/19/24


They’ll have to replace all of the furniture.

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Louis Lozowick, Lithograph (currently on display @ the Whitney Museum)


From 06-28-24