Regulations that need to be repealed

Just starting a list of specific regulations that need to be repealed in order to improve the city.

I would definitely say the residential FAR cap, along with exclusive, single-family zoning. Any others? I want to know all of your thoughts on this.


I have been thinking it over, and I have also come up with another regulation that needs to be repealed, and it’s the regulation preventing windows on residential units that face each other from being closer than 60 feet apart.

I would imagine the skyline if those FAR caps were removed. Probably be like Hong Kong but still interesting to see. :slight_smile:

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It would look stretched to an incredible degree. Like New Urbem from the Incredibles 2.

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Ah yes. I saw that movie once and it was pretty good. Those buildings are pretty huge, especially at night. :slight_smile:

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