RALEIGH | Union Station Tower and Transit Center | 414 FT | 35 FLOORS


Upcoming redevelopment of aging warehouse space into a mix-use development: a downtown transit center, wrapped with retail and topped with apartments and hotel rooms.


For the bus facility, which will be used primarily by GoRaleigh and GoTriangle, current plans call for:

  • Bus platforms in an off-street transit facility.
  • New on-street improvements for West Street.
  • New on-street improvements to accommodate future bus rapid transit service on West Street.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle enhancements.
  • A new pedestrian bridge connecting RUS Bus to Raleigh Union Station.

For the private development, current plans call for:

  • 500,000 square feet total across two high-rise buildings
  • 350 apartment units including 10% affordable units for households at 80% AMI
  • 200 hotel rooms
  • 18,000 square feet of retail
  • 550 parking spaces

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So we’ve got
Train Station connection
Bus rapid transit Platforms
Street improvements for future bus rapid transit and pedestrian + biking.
Pedestrian Bridge connecting the train and bus stations

All of this having ground floor retail nearby with hotel rooms and apartments above. Pretty amazing honestly.

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Yeah, you can’t really ask for more than that! Raleigh has some catching up to do in terms of urbanizing, but the whole Triangle metro area is growing fast and city leaders (here as well as in Durham) seem to be taking it seriously.

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