RALEIGH | Hotel + Residential Tower | FT ? | 40 FLOORS?

Hopefully this is the right place for this.

The City of Raleigh will soon re-open a request for RFPs for 2 adjacent sites on Fayetteville St. The RFP request process was previously opened in early 2020, but was sidelined due to COVID-19. They are asking for up to 40 stories. One site is intended for a hotel, the other for residential mixed-use.

Example renderings of what they are hoping for released by the city:


Is anyone interested in hearing about developments happening in Raleigh? It’ll probably be a long time before we have a supertall, but there must be at least a dozen 20+ story towers in the works right now.


Indeed it is the right place my friend!
Feel free to share about development in Raleigh when you want, just make sure a thread hasn’t already been started (don’t feel too bad though, names are easy to get mixed up. I’m suspect #1 for that)

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That looks really lame

wow, I didn’t know Raleigh was so active with development.