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Renderings Revealed As 61-Story Tower At 900 Broad Street Approved, In Newark :beers:

New Jersey-based Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners has released a rendering for the recently approved 61-story mixed-use tower at 900 Broad Street in Newark. The high-rise will have 552 residential units, three levels of amenities, and a sky lounge.

Located on the corner of Green Street and Broad Street, the tower will be across the street from Newark City Hall and near the Prudential Center area. Two blocks away is the Newark Penn Station train station.

Little is known about the development team, Broad Green, LLC, which owns 894-900 Broad Street and the adjacent 892 Broad Street site.

The rendering shows an airy, light-filled podium with double-height windows that will likely serve as the residential lobby and commercial space. Above the base of the building are 16 floors of floor-to-ceiling windows, wrapped in a cement treatment and featuring alternating insets, followed by the remaining residential floors in a glass curtain wall with exposed vertical posts.

No completion date has been announced.


another pie in the sky?

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Trying to bask in the moment of happiness right now. Let’s keep fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Newark needs to rise. Its unfair the Jersey City is taking the spot light.



Newark is in the midst of a lead water crisis, I know many who are desperately trying to move out of Newark right now. Horrible news and worse press for the city. Can’t imagine new development in this climate, but what do I know.

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Still a long creepy walk to the train station.

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Yeah, it’s a bit far from public transportation besides the bus probably. But that area is seeing some new development like the new low rise a block away. And Teachers Village a few blocks away as well. This will really stand out on the skyline! If it actually gets off the ground.


Bus is the main form of transportation in that section. Its quite bus heavy. The light rail is more East heading towards the Rutgers business school. Also one on University Avenue.

But the area is very busy. Broad/Market especially. There’;s no creepy walk to the train station unless its 12 am. Downtown becomes a ghost town after 10 pm but during the work day, especially around lunch, you might think its a mini NYC with the crowds. It can get quite pedestrian heavy.


Well I can confirm that walking around downtown even late at night isn’t too bad haha. But you’re right Chris, there’s definitely a lot of pedestrian traffic. Even more so when the colleges are open

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Amazing skyscraper going to have.


Listing is up on buzz buzz home:

Looks like we may be looking at condominiums if the info is anything to go by.

894-900 Broad Street

894-900 Broad Street Details
Website: -
Building Type: Condo

Selling Status: Pending
Sales Start: -
Leasing Status: Pending
Rentals Start: -
Construction Status: Preconstruction
Construction Start Date: -
Estimated Completion: -
Broad Green, LLC
Architect(s): -
Ceilings: -
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