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I love it, but I’m concerned it’s blocking the right of way necessary to run the Hudson Bergen Light Rail to Newark Penn.

I don’t think this conflicts with any potential HBLR ROW because using google maps, you can see the current site is a parking lot. There are no disused rail lines or anything of that nature that would prohibit an extension if this project were to be built. On top of that, I can’t find any official proposal to even extend the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to Newark Penn, either so I wouldn’t be worried too much about that.

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That diagonal parking lot at the top is where the train from Newark to Jersey City used to pass.

That diagonal parking lot at the top is where the train from Newark to Jersey City used to pass. But it looks like buildings are already blocking the ROW in other segments.

Here’s a map of the original alignment. It’s the “Newark and New York RR” on the map.


The old ROW is much clearer when you look at the satellite imagery


Most of the ROW is already blocked.

I imagine they would just street run it through this part.


Yeah may be too late. Too bad, because street running is slower and less reliable than running on a dedicated ROW.

A major reason streetcar lines were abandoned is that after cars became popular, the streetcars constantly got stuck behind the cars…traffic jams, double parking, turn conflicts. The few streetcar lines that survived generally had dedicated ROW usually below ground (like the Newark City Subway).


I restored some posts that I think are added value because some may have concerns or queries regarding the Hudson Bergen Light Rail as it pertains to this parcel information as seen in current post 2 through 8.

The off topic stuff naturally was not included.

Going forwards, lets keep it on any Iberia Phase I updates as the HBLR concept was established.

Any Hudson Bergen Light Rail updates or developments can keep within that thread.


Rendering available:

Via: Meeting Set on High Rise Development Replacing Ironbound’s Iberia | Newark, NJ News TAPinto

Credit: Councilman Michael Silva