NEW YORK | West 57th St Broadcast Center Redevelopment


There’s a huge UPS warehouse right next to where Disney is planning their new broadcast center.

Disney does not broadcast anything, it’s network affiliates do. The new Disney building in Hudson Square isn’t a broadcasting building its their new headquarters.

You’ve mentioned the UPS Lower Manhattan Distribution center here and on your other post in the 57th St thread, but it wouldnt make sense for CBS to move into a building that is more narrow (by a wide margin) than their current location. It doesnt matter that the site is long if it’s not sufficiently wide enough.

Lower Manhattan is for the Tech companies, all of the broadcasting companies are still very much located in Midtown/the UWS.

Since it’s just film studios, maybe they’ll build something new in Astoria or LIC.


Disney is going to move all their live shows into their Hudson Square campus. They already built studios for them.

I’m sure the UPS building is wide enough for CBS to do the same.

Except for some of the news shows which are staying in Times Square.

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The UPS Dist Center is 60’ narrower than their current location, that’s not conducive to spatial planning.

Yes, I stand corrected with the HQ’s, but those are studios not broadcasting centers, like Robert mentioned, theyre probably looking for somewhere to be able to build big floor plates (like the Disney HQ), not narrow long ones.