NEW YORK | VU (368 Third Ave) | 408 FT | 35 FLOORS


[QUOTE]13 Building Characteristics

Primary structural system: Masonry Concrete (CIP) Concrete (Precast) Wood
Steel (Structural) Steel (Cold-Formed) Steel (Encased in Concrete)


Structural Occupancy Category: II - OTHER THAN I, III OR IV
Seismic Design Category: CATEGORY B
2014/2008 Code Designations?
Occupancy Classification: R-2 - RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES[/COLOR][/B] Yes No
Construction Classification: I-B: 2 HOUR PROTECTED - NON-COMBUST Yes No
Multiple Dwelling Classification: HAEA
Building Height (ft.): 388
Building Stories: 34
Dwelling Units: 103[/COLOR][/B]

Pre-Filed: 05/08/2016 Building Type: Other Estimated Total Cost: $0.00
Date Filed: 05/19/2016 Electronically Filed: Yes
Fee Structure: STANDARD
Review is requested under Building Code: 2014 Hub Job ‡: Yes
Job Description Comments

1 Location Information (Filed At)
]House No(s): 368 Street Name: THIRD AVENUE
Borough: Manhattan Block: 882 Lot: 48 BIN: 1018146 CB No: 106
Work on Floor(s): CEL,ROF,PT1 001 thru 034 Apt/Condo No(s): Zip Code: 10016[/QUOTE]


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Itzhaki, Continental planning 34-story rental in Kips Bay

Itzhaki Acquisitions and Continental Ventures filed plans for a new 34-story rental building at 368 Third Avenue in Kips Bay, permit applications filed Thursday with the city’s Department of Buildings show.

The developers intend to build 103 units across 113,000 square feet of residential space at the property, though Itzhaki Acquisitions founder Erez Itzhaki said the building may hold up to 130 apartments. The plans call for two duplex apartments on the 32nd and 33rd floors.

The SLCE Architects-designed project will also feature nearly 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and amenities including a fitness room, lounge and children’s playroom, according to the filing.

Itzhaki and partner Continental Ventures, led by CEO Amir Chaluts and president Jane Gol, acquired the property at 360-368 Third Avenue, between East 26th and East 27th streets, for $50 million early last year. The site previously housed five contiguous rental buildings holding 53 units and seven ground-floor retail units.

Gol said the developers consider the Kips Bay neighborhood “one of the most conveniently located areas of the city,” with growing appeal among “young people and young families.”

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Minrav is expected to follow through on the site’s approved plans, which called for a 34-story, 103-unit residential tower, sources said.



Rendering Revealed For 35-Story 368 Third Avenue As Excavation Commences, In Kips Bay

Excavation work is in full swing at 368 Third Avenue in Kips Bay, the site of a new 35-story mixed-use residential tower, and today YIMBY has a first look at renderings for the project. Located between East 26th Street and East 27th Street, the building is designed by SLCE Architects. Minrav Development purchased the site from Continental Ventures and Itzhaki Acquisitions for $64 million. Plans call for a 388-foot tall, 145,000-square-foot structure yielding 100 apartments, averaging around 1,110 square feet apiece.

The preliminary drawing on the construction fence shows a symmetrical eastern elevation with a fairly slender profile. The height will give the tower considerable prominence over the surrounding low-rise structures, and allow it to be seen clearly from across the East River. The mixed-use zoning allows for 368 Third Avenue to have a setback on the tenth floor and on the roof parapet.

The building will contain 3,000 square feet of retail space and amenities on the ground floor. Apartments will begin on the second floor, with three to four units from the third to 25th floors, two units per floor on the next six levels, and two penthouses on the top two floors. Amenities will include a fitness room, a residential lounge, and a children’s playroom.

The property was formerly occupied by five pre-war structures that ranged from four to six stories high and housed 53 apartments. They were demolished after Continental individually purchased each building for a total of just under $50 million.

Minrav estimates a completion date in the fourth quarter of 2021.






Credit: City Realty


outdoor terrace

today from New York Yimby


right of frame, north of Union Square

Golden Light Trails Across Midtown Manhattan by andrew.kaslick, on Flickr

side note: I will forever hate 1 Madison for obscuring this view of the Metropolitan Life Clock Tower. One of my few NIMBY takes.



Last week




Architectural design involves so much more than simply how the building ‘looks’ or the aesthetics; how the building functions is the ‘hidden talent’ where most Architectural designers do not get due credit.

On the aesthetics this one rates only ‘better’ on the beauty contest scale of good/better/best; but in terms of function this seems brilliant.

Corner windows, good floor plans, large windows, well placed indoor/outdoor spaces: I always did prefer ‘brains’ over ‘beauty’… :yum:





This one has a plain Jane exterior: but the interior design is gorgeous.

Photo credit: Streeteasy.

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