NEW YORK | Red Hook Waterfront Redevelopment

REW: Partners prepare to reactivate terminal

On May 9, NYCEDC announced plans to award a long-term lease of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) to Red Hook Terminals and Industry City. The partnership will transform 65 acres at SBMT into a cluster of industrial maritime activity.


With a long-term lease through 2054, SSBMT will reactivate 64.5 acres of the terminal, moving over 900,000 metric tons of material annually through the port and eliminating over 11,000 truck trips a year.

Specific new uses for the facility include waste paper recycling and export, the importation of lumber, salt, and aggregate material, container-on barge-operations, roro and project cargo, among other activity that will support local businesses, New York Harbor and the regional waterfront.

The SSBMT partnership will grow the number of on-site permanent jobs to more than 1,000 over the lease term, adding hundreds of new positions within the first five years.


new power plants

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Any news? As far as I know there’s nothing stopping this, is it just the size of the project making it take a while?

Possibly. With the Gowanus Canal looking to be Brooklyn’s answer to the High Line, and Downtown Brooklyn shaping up well with 80 Flatbush, Brooklyn Tower and such, you need a massive waterfront development to create that Lower Manhattan effect across the river, and give the skyline a cross-river presence. All you’d need is this Lower Manhattan plan to create a nice river canyon and you’re set! And put Smith and 9th Street Station underground why dontcha!

Red Hook has the absolute potential to become the next Williamsburg. This place is PRIME for development. It has that “village” feeling, as seen by the cobblestone roads and low rise homes. Hopefully some towers can be built along the waterfront and more low rise development throughout the neighborhood - just how they did Williamsburg.

Oh, and a subway extension? If that’s possible? Idk.

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Get that Greenpoint landing type of development going on.

Also do this


Lol I was just looking through this PDF pertaining to the photo you linked…

Again, it’s another NIMBY community. So I doubt a project of that scale would be developed, but they’re very slowly developing the area. (Just how Williamsburg was developed - slowly over the years.)

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Maybe but I would really love for it to come true. Huge new waterfront communities, get our own little Miami kinda thing going on down here. (Not that we don’t have that, but bigger)

@mcart Just looked up on this. The same councilman who denied the Industry City rezoning is in control of the Red Hook area. The waterfront area (and a good chunk of inland) is zoned industry. There have been attempts to change the zoning to residential for high rise apartments, but these have been blocked.

My question is. Why do we need an industrial waterfront?


NYC lost the industrial waterfront to Jersey decades ago. Let them have it and turn this area into high rise residential.

Besides some plots to wind turbine manufactur and maintenance, I know BK and Staten are doing some of that. But that’s a tiny portion of the space.

It would be nice to have both sides of the East River between Lower Manhattan and Red Hook have massive skyscrapers. Almost like a supersized version of the Chicago River.



This is the area

I wonder if that studio will use corten steel. The overall aesthetics in the renderings seem to indicate its usage.

The article says:
“Renderings of the planned redevelopment show the tiered structure faced with a wood slatted facade”
But it looks like corten steel on those renderings:


BIG’s forte seems to be with smaller buildings not skyscrapers.


agreed, his lowrise work in Denmark is pretty good.

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Via 57 IMO is probably his best work in NYC.

Yeah the Via is a nice design. I wish it was maintained better. It’s starting to look a little rough if you look closely.

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