NEW YORK | Permanent Mission of Zimbabwe to the UN (128 East 56th Street) | FT | FL

Thank you Profile - mcart - YIMBY Forums for bringing this to our attention.

The kleptocratic Mugabe regime allowed their mission to the United Nations to become a derelict eyesore in Midtown East.

Now their successors have somehow scrounged up enough money to demolish the decrepit edifice and replace it with a new mission.

They’re currently searching for architects.

Of course the risk here is that they run out of money during the demolition process, leaving their old mission in a partially demolished state, or that they have enough money for demolition but not for constructing a new building, leaving the site vacant for years to come. Either way, this spectacle will be fun to watch. Stay tuned!

This is very good news!

Remember that this filthy schlock on 55th and Lex is also coming down. This area is getting a lot of development.

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This block has some beautiful old buildings.

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