NEW YORK | One Grand

“It will rise 28 stories with 430,763 square feet of office space.
The first office floor will be 100 feet above ground with a public school and retail below it.”

"Taconic won’t start construction until it finds an anchor tenant — standard for nearly all new developments.


Is this 76 Varick?

Might be. If so the threads should be merged.

If this proposal is about the large lot at Vsrick and Canal that would be good. That site has been empty for a very long time despite being in the midst of some quickly improving territory. It’s actually a bit shocking that nothing has happened there for how many decades?


Yes I believe it is. There was a Tulum-themed bar/lounge there for a while that was pretty cool, but I agree this needs to be developed asap.

Screw the homeless!? Really. Hardly worthy of your online moniker. As Moses well knew we all have a touch of the devine. Poverty is not an excuse for disdain. Providing help is more humane and worthy.