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I believe it has been tried but those attempts fell apart. Don’t know the whole story though

I don’t think it helps that the area is nowhere near a subway stop.

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I’d much rather see Solow’s original Turtle Bay South development come to fruition than this proposal, it seems like a waste of space considering that the Ferris wheel is taking up a majority % of the entire lot and there’s nothing there but the 2 story casino (most likely) underneath it. It’s location next to FDR is also unpleasant even though it appears the upper deck is covering it and the off ramp.

As for why nothing’s happened to the site in general, I think things just never picked up after the one tower of the complex was built (685 1st Ave).

Of all the casino proposals, I’m most looking forward to Wynn/Related proposals and hope it is one of the 3 that gets the license. Caesar’s/SLGreen’s Times Square proposal is also interesting, but I don’t like this Solow proposal.

Also lmao, that render is all sorts strange, 35 Hudson Yards makes an appearance in front of a 90° turned MetLife Building and there are two 3 WTC’s making an appearance as well.


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