NEW YORK | Hudson Yards Rezoned District | 43M SF

Do property taxes also have to be paid for this site?

Pics by Michael Young


Not sure since the city/state owns the lot, really everything relating to it as well in terms of easements. So they’d effectively be paying themselves if they were paying taxes on it.


Why is the result of the expired RFP not published?

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The city/state wasnt required to share the old proposals, neither are the firms/developers that submitted anything, that’s entirely up to them to decide whether to release something.


I’ve seen that 55 and 10 Hudson Yards are fully leased. But what about 30 and 50 Hudson Yards?

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Phone shots taken on 2/19/24


Empire State Building and Hudson Yards by Philly SkyGuy, on Flickr


I noticed they were putting up some scaffolding a while back but only now have they started to add more above the street level canopy portion, possibly in preparation for the reclad. Though I feel like for that theyd need much more sidewalk room for the lower scaffolding if they intend to keep that portion of sidewalk open throughout construction. Though I believe portions of the ground floor are also being reclad.

Edit I didnt notice before that some auxillary panels had already been taken down on the corner portion.


It’s interesting how in these new renderings of the Wells Fargo revamp, they show the Vessel with people on it. Hope that means they plan to open it back up in the future.


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Some of the birds seen along the shore line of the lower Hudson River region: great to see efforts to avoid bird strikes on all those sassy, glassy towers on the Rezoned District of Hudson Yards.

In spring and late summer through fall, check the rocky shoreline near the George Washington Bridge for Spotted Sandpiper. Photo: Charles McRae/Audubon Photography Awards

Red-tailed Hawks nest in several locations along the Hudson River. Photo: Paula Waldron



„ Simone, who lives near Hudson Yards, added that empty lots, such as Site K opposite the Javits Center (418 11th Avenue), could produce more housing, including so-called affordable housing, if the FAR cap is lifted.

“I look at the huge skyscrapers of offices and luxury towers in Hudson Yards, many [of which] sit empty,” Simone said. “I think there should be some flexibility on density if we can create more housing supply and that should include middle income housing. It shouldn’t just be a playground for the rich.”

How long could it be before an official winner of the RFP for Site K is announced?

Site K (418 11th Ave.) is a good location for a potential mixed-use project (residential/hotel).



432 Park Ave, Hudson Yards, 270 Park Ave, Manhattan West, One Vanderbilt, Chrysler Building by Philly SkyGuy, on Flickr


How long could it take for a winner to be officially announced on the RFP for Site K (418 11th Ave.)?

So in 2007 there were already plans to build a large hotel on this site.

What could the revised concept look like in the lower area around the fan tower?

„ A spokesman for Empire State Development relayed that Site K is part of an open RFP process and submissions are still being reviewed.“

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