NEW YORK | Hudson Boulevard Park & 7 Subway Extension

As of now the funding is in place to extend the park to 39th Street:


OP-ED: The missing Hudson Yards New York City Transit #7 intermediate subway station six years later


They should have put in a stop at eighth Ave.

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Do you mean Tenth Avenue?

The “7” train Times Square station is under 41st Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

I recall that there was discussion about extending the 7 to Seacaucus and to Newark Airport. That would be nice.

If Jersey wants to pay for the bulk of it, I’m all for it.

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That seems really far, do you have any articles about those? I’d be interested in reading them.

I’ve only ever seen people and articles mention the idea of continuing the 7 to make stops at 23rd and 14th st.

The Wikipedia article for that unbuilt 10th Ave 7 train stop mentions ‘a proposal to extend the 7 to Secaucus Junction’ but nothing mentions going to EWR. PATH of all things is the most feasible train to get to EWR.

Nothing in the article about ‘7 train extension to New Jersey’ mentions Newark Airport either.

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Yeah, two different proposals were being conflated - the 7 train extension to Secaucus and the PATH extension to Newark airport.

In any event, none of these three (new subway station in Hell’s Kitchen; 7 train extension to Secaucus; PATH extension to EWR) are anywhere near being approved, not to mention constructed.

The PATH EWR extension is probably the only one that’s actually being seriously considered with the highest chance of actually coming to fruition, although it’ll be still imperfect (still requires the 8-dollar AirTrain.)

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So frustrating to see such obviously necessary projects kicked down the road. Hell’s Kitchen 100% deserves a station.

As far as 7 extensions go, I would like to see it extended into Lower Manhattan under 10th Ave and Hudson St to at least the Christopher St PATH station and the Houston St 1/2/3, to “close the loop” on the west side. (Although while we’re living in dreamland, might as well interline it with the 1/2/3 down to the WTC and South Ferry.)


It’s also a very short (relative) distance between the end of the 7 line and the end of the L train at 8th Ave and 14th Street which intersects with the A/C/E.

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I mean Eighth, specifically Port Authority/ ACE lines. That walk down the tunnel is a time waster and dreadful.

OK; well obviously that’s never going to happen. They won’t spend $500 billion to add a subway platform immediately adjacent to another platform.

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