NEW YORK | E. 91st St (UES Walkway and Park)

Upper East Side activists want to transform garbage station into High Line-type park

Even a garbage dump can be dressed up.

That’s the idea behind a proposal by Upper East Side community groups to transform an ugly and controversial garbage-transfer station into an attractive amenity for the neighborhood.

Under the plan, a curving, quarter-mile-long ramp that will carry up to 500 garbage trucks a day would be relocated, covered and topped by a green walkway modeled after the High Line.

And the roof of the transfer station would be converted into a park, much like the recreation area atop the sewage treatment plant along the Hudson River in West Harlem, according to renderings commissioned by neighborhood groups and obtained by the Daily News.


“Instead of seeing a 10-story ugly gray building, people would see a lovely park and outdoor space that can be used by anybody in the community.”

The transfer station was proposed in 2006 by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg under a plan to make each borough responsible for disposing of its own garbage. The garbage would be brought to the new facility by trucks, and then transferred to barges on the East River for transport and disposal out of state. Mayor de Blasio has pressed on with the project despite fierce community opposition.


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I like it and hope they can adopt it…Please!! If they are going to move forward with that transfer station, this is a better solution aesthetically.