NEW YORK | Domino Sugar Redevelopment | (4 Towers) | 565-170 FT

Thanks for the spirited confirmation - I wonder if maybe a better (more descriptive) word would be “iridescent” … :thinking:

The porcelain panels on the facade of this building have a beautiful shimmering ‘iridescent’ glow: that’s better.


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I’ll reserve final judgement until the project is completed, but I have to say that I am not currently a fan of the “Domino Square” piece, for a few reasons:

1. The jagged one story structure has no dialogue with the rest of the project or its surroundings.

The entire redevelopment has so far created or retained at least some industrial character in its transformation to post-industrial use.

By using repetitive, block-like buildings and orthogonal landscaping/street grid, the development is reminiscent of stacked containers, or piles of sugar cubes, even - a subtle nod to its manufacturing past.

Then, in one of the largest open public areas on the site there’s just this incongruent mess. It looks like the temporary entrance to a pop-up Basquiat exhibit!

2. Rather than a grand entrance to the waterfront park, it becomes a barrier.

The block-sized park, intended as a central gathering area for the whole development, instead will be this strange amphitheater-over-retail/seasonal ice rink thing, with its “back” turned toward the neighborhood right where it connects along Kent Avenue.

What would be sweeping views of the skyline, bridge, river and park are instead blocked by a few small-ish storefronts. I hope they’ll be able to attract a good mix of businesses, at least.

3. It’s not even a square.

I mean… they come up with Domino Square and then build an egg. Like… ?

All this is to say, the little structure is out of context in both form and function.

The design could have been better tied to the area’s past and present architectural styles, and an improved orientation and layout would have made for a more welcoming entrance to the waterfront.

This building may have many points, I’m just not sure what any of them are.



I like my sugar better in the raw too


instant classic!

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From 3.25.24:









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Do we think the obvious (too obvious?) water tanks up top are a nod to the sugar refinery tanks on display at domino park below? You really hate to see this kind of thing put on as an afterthought.

Sugar canisters :slightly_smiling_face: