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Permits have been filed to expand a two-story structure into a six-story mixed-use building at 5120 9th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Located between Boston Road and Pratt Avenue, the lot is near the Eastchester-Dyre Avenue subway station, serviced by the 5 train. Toby Eng is listed as the owner behind the applications.

What an embarrassing goof by Vanessa Londono.

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The oldest Chabad in the country has been torn down.

4024 12th Avenue

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6202 14th Avenue

source: Satmar School Construction Speeds Ahead – Boro Park 24

1561 50th Street

source: Khal Birchas Menachem Opens New Magnificent Shul for Yom Tov – Boro Park 24

1119 42nd Street

921 60th Street

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Local NIMBYs do not want housing to be built on top of the railway tracks at 14th Ave & 60th Street.

This is actually a great spot for new development, as it is served by two subway lines and, potentially in the future, the Interborough Express.