NEW YORK | 842 7th Ave | 29 Fl | 338 Ft

The stores in these buildings have been empty for months, so I knew something was happening! These buildings are worn out, so I’m quite pleased!

In fact, but for these two little junks, this stretch of 7th is lined with gorgeous old buildings that just need a little TLC.

By the way, this is separated from Extell’s planned 1,000’ + tower on 54th and B’Way by one stunning, old building, which hopefully will remain indefinitely.

The next eyesore, which hopefully will come down soon, Is the full block hotel a few streets south of here which the Qataris bought.

Another great scoop by Yimby!


Very excited for this one – this whole stretch of Midtown is changing very quickly for the better!


I agree!

Great scoop!

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Developer: Michael Loeb
Architect: Isaac & Stern



Issac & Stern + a wedding cake massing? This one could be a stunner!

I agree, YIM. Isn’t this Extell’s site though?

I walked by yesterday, and there’s still no sign of demolition.

I think you’re right RW!

It could be Extell, however on the filing it’s Loeb. Loeb perhaps is a partner with?