NEW YORK | 82 King Street | 185 FT | 18 FLOORS

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Nice find Waymond. I’m sure Toll bros will create something nice here based on that OMA designed building of thiers on 21st st, and being in a nice neighborhood like soho. That Verison building there now is complete crap.

Now they’re saying it will be two connected 15-story buildings.


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This is being advertised as 77 Charlton

Looks like it is topped out.

Charlton side

From King st


Looking good.

must be completed now


Mostly complete. Working on interiors now.


I have noticed over the years from watching on the Architecture forums - as well as actually working inside hundreds of apartments in these new condos every year - there is a high degree competence and workmanship that go into the Toll Brother projects.

This is only anecdotal evidence gleaned from casual observance over the years; but this company seems to be a real professional “builder” who puts a higher than average degree of care, craftsmanship and integrity into their development projects.

I have only come to notice this recently as I am seeing (will not name where) a lot of very shoddy work being done on many of the new ‘luxury’ condo buildings currently being constructed here in NYC.

Quality and integrity is too often overlooked in this industry: so I think they deserve a mention.

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Same here in the Los Angeles area. The amount of shoddy work done on multi-million dollar homes is near criminal. Either home owners do not know or they do not see the difference or maybe they do not care. It drives me crazy when I walk into one of these homes and see crooked light switches and measure for 50,000 dollar custom built in cabinets or library shelves and the walls are crooked. I don’t get it.

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City Realty photo (April 2021)