NEW YORK | 80 South St | 1,436 FT | 113 FLOORS

This will look crazy from the Brooklyn waterfront! And who knows, maybe it will grow taller just yet!

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I hope that figure is just to the livable space or occupied space. If we add mechanical and a crown or spire, theoretically this may dethrone Nordstrom. At least that’s the fantasy at this moment. Hope its a reality!

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Imagine the view of/from Brooklyn Bridge with this towering in the foreground adding a layer of depth to the skyline as the art deco beauties rise amongst the modern supertalls behind, it’s going to be magical

Let’s see what masterpiece SHoP pull off here :smiley:


I don’t think ShOP is designing this. Hughes was retaining them but sold the site.

Baby jesus on a Tricycle! I was not expecting that much from this tower!!! This is INSANE. I can only imagine the views from the brooklyn bridge park. Now the only thing left is an amazing design and we are golden lads! What an exciting time to be alive! :joy:


When would this start construction?

Haha I LOVE that remark. I cant even believe it myself…


I’m very excited about the height, but I don’t expect much more the design. It could very well be a thin box with a few setbacks, which would be fine with me.

That being said, China Oceanwide might retain ShOP, as Huges planned to, and we can wind up with one of Greg Pasquarelli’s blockbuster designs.


Omg yess that would be great. Downtown deserves a new icon

What is great about this project. This sucker is 100% certifiably As-of-Right.

Supertall after all; Chinese developer cleared to build nearly 1,500-foot tower at South Street Seaport

Now that China Oceanwide Holdings has cemented its ownership over 80 South Street, between Fletcher and John Streets, they’re clear to proceed with their tentatively planned 1,436- feet high, 113-story, mixed-use building, according to documents filed with the City Planning Commission.

That would be just 356 feet shy of the 1,792-foot-tall One World Trade Center — counting the spire — and 293 feet short of the country’s second tallest building, the 1,729-foot-tall Willis Tower in Chicago.

With all its accompanying development rights, the building will have a total of 1,067,350 square feet of floor space, although only 817,784 square feet have been zoned for use, with 441,077 square feet of residential, and 376,707 square feet for either hotel, office, or retail use, documents show.

Currently, the number of residential units remains undetermined, but based on the city’s average of 750-squarefeet per one-bedroom apartment, the skyscraper’s residential section could accommodate 588 units.

Read entire article in link

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I walked by today. Nothing going on yet. However, there’s tons of action at Pizzarotti’s site next door.

Is this the first major project (supertall skyscraper) being built by a Chinese developer in the city?

If so this could be the start of something more epic than we realize!

I think so. Kuafu is partnering with Ceruzzi, and one of the Chinese entities is partnering with JD Carlisle at 15 E 30th.

This appears to be the Chinese going solo!

I love the can do attitude of the devellopers it feels like they are 100% determined to do it

Hopefully they are successful and attract more Chinese developers to the city. These guys don’t play around and they won’t have the same sentimental connection to the city as the native developers–thus they will be more willing to build taller, perhaps even taller than 1 WTC.


Yeah I had a similar thought. “1776” doesn’t mean anything to a Chinese developer, so if anyone is likely to break the so-called gentleman’s agreement, you’d think it would be them.


I hope they have a great design. It would be ideal if they retained the ShOP design that HH commissioned.


I think ultimately, it will be a Chinese developer that will build a 600m in the U.S.

Agreed! I’m hoping it happens sooner rather than later lol

The demand continues! Bring it on!!