NEW YORK | 8-16 W 45th St | Ft | Fl

These four, small buildings are coming down.

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Hope it won’t be another poon/kaufman product!


Hope you are right

A shame, I like those small buildings, just needs better retail and a wash


I agree, but sadly, no one wants to spend the money on that since the ROI would be insufficient.

Okay that makes sense, but I’d rather they stay 20 years like that to be refurbished than be redeveloped today… If folks followed your logic in the past, then huge swaths of the now-awesome, pre-war parts of the city that fell into disrepair in the 60s/70s/80s would be long gone and replaced with lower-character blahness. :man_shrugging:t6:

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It’s not my logic. It’s what motivates developers. I favor preservation. Anyway, these small buildings have been neglected for my entire life. If they haven’t been restored for decades, they never will be.

Speaking of restoration, it would be nice if the shleps that own this gorgeous old building across the street restored the window to its original specifications. That blue reflective glass is hideous.


No NB permits have been filed yet. I assume that this will be a hotel.


Future homeless shelter -