NEW YORK | 740-750 8th Ave | 1067 FT | 52 FLOORS

I was going to mention that it’s not abnormal for concrete buildings vs steel buildings to have piles vs just footings (as this will be a concrete building) though both can still have piles, I just didnt know what the question was aimed at. But bedrock varies a great deal in NYC, specifically in Midtown, so I wouldn’t find it unusual that some buildings have piles vs just footing and also factoring the height, mass, and material to build.

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Nothing official. Just a guess as to what this will probably look like.


I dislike this so much, not necessarily how you are portraying it @rgarri4, just the overall project. I also find it interesting that it’s being portrayed as blue in many cases.

I would like everything above the slope of the hotel portion to be mirrors so that it can disappear lol.



Boy this is awful—a terrible joke on a great city. I can’t believe this anti-architecture is really being built. It’s embarrassing.


Yeah picturing anything other than mirror glass or blue glass would make this building look…interesting.

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I want to love this but it reminds me of the top part/fret board of the guitar for the Hard Rock Las Vegas

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With that aqua color of blue it definitely does.

When ODA uses metals in their facades, they like to use silvers and aluminums, grays, chromes, etc, and for stone they use very light colors most of the time. I want to assume that the projections on the hotel portion will be aluminum and the windows just a strip of curtainwall of normal hue, but not blazing blue or aqua. The top portion is really the main thing up for question. I still think it will be covered in aluminum or stainless steel.

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I’m surprised to see it doesn’t look bad from east looking to west so there’s that.

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Earlier today


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If you can get permission to move the landmarked theaters in the middle of the block down to this site at the end of the block, the Marriott Marquis could have nearly an entire block of the Bow Tie to itself. A perfect spot for building a supertall casino with massive floorplates. It could be ready a couple years after 1515 opens.

-Use the first 10 floors for gaming space, business convention space, retail/dining, and hotel amenities.
-Put 10,000 luxury hotel rooms on top.
You’d have the most valuable building in the world.

What drugs are you taking?


If Times Square becomes the city’s new casino district one day, they are going to have a lot of challenges because of all the tiny floor plates. Casinos want massive floor plates that people can wander around on. They’ll have to look to merge any open lots they can find. This lot with the massive Marquis lot at the end of the block is probably the best opportunity for it in all of Times Square.

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Doesn’t matter because this lot is already being built on. Open lots don’t just randomly appear and finding/purchasing assemblages is not an easy task to do either. Also, there are plenty of examples of casinos that are multi-leveled instead of being vast open plans and neither are the floor plates in the podium of 1515 Broadway small in any manner.

Times Square isn’t just magically going to become a casino district just because one building has a casino in it, it will always be the Theater district and that isn’t changing any time soon or in the future as that is what it has almost always been known for.


Times Square was originally known for both theater AND gambling. We killed the gambling long ago.

If 1515 wins a license and starts bring in tons of money, I suspect more licenses will follow. Possibly even competing with Vegas one day. If I was the developer/architect, making this property ideal for gaming would be my number one priority.

Yes, illegal gambling.

One place getting a license doesnt mean more will follow because it isnt the city that issues the licenses, it’s the state. And even if that were the case, of the 3 licenses being dealt out, only one is being viewed as going towards NYC, and it could still go to one of the existing casinos out of the cities center.

It isn’t the architects decision as to what function/program a building has, they follow direction and wants of the developers. Dream on about the Marriott Marquis lot becoming an entire resort, but its never going to be.