NEW YORK | 538 10th Ave | 520 FT | 47 FLOORS

Gotham Organization filed plans to build a 436,000-square-foot, mixed use building in Hell’s Kitchen, according to records filed with the Department of Buildings.

The plans call for a 47-story building at 538 Tenth Avenue with 453 units, as well as 25,000 square feet of community facility space and ground-floor retail of up to 10,000 square feet.




I read many years ago that the MTA put in the infrastructure for a 10th avenue stop on the 7 Train extension under this building with the intention of building a future station when this site got redeveloped.

Does anybody have any insight on if the developer or the MTA are interested in building out this station?


A few of the Port Authority Bus Terminal redevelopment proposals incorporated a completed 10th Ave stop in their plans. That could just be an assumption on their parts though.



Great Update.

This is the same project as this, the real address is 550 Tenth Ave, I don’t know why there’s 2 threads though.

is it double?


Yes, that is the same thread I linked, the thread was originally titled 460 W 41 St because Covenant House used to occupy the land where 550 10th ave is now being built and that address covered all their site but rebuilt their building with that same address next door to this building.

I didn’t know this thread existed until it was updated, but the 2 should be merged.

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can you do this please.

My fault guys. I thought this was the main project thread and was surprised that it hadn’t been updated in forever.