NEW YORK | 514 11th Ave (520 W 41st) | 758 FT | 57 FLOORS

i think this is CetraRuddy’s design. Looks a bit different than the one from the instagram post.


Does anyone know the address that’s being used for this site on the DOB? 520 W 41st doesn’t seem to be the address that they’re using.

Oy, more blue glass rectilinear buildings on the West Side.

Per NYguy:

And finally some action on one of the towers…


520 West 41st Street (DIB, ERY, 93-122)

Project Brief:

This is a private application for Hudson Yards Chair Certifications including the District Improvement Fund Bonus (93-31), Transfer of Development Rights from the Eastern Rail Yards (93-34), and phasing for residential floor area (93-122).

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From that it seems like this will possibly be a 2 phase development, it just begs the question if the commercial or residential tower will be built first, though in a number of developments in the HYSD, the residential counterparts are always built first in 2 tower lots it seems.

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