NEW YORK | 50 W 40th St | Ht. | Ft

A proposal for a Foster tower was discussed before the crash.

It seems that some tower will rise.

It better be nice since some nice structures will be razed. While the American Radiator obviously is not coming down, it’s annex will, and it’s quite nice.

As I recall the developer owns some adjacent, shabby buildings on 39th St too.

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Nice! With 300k sf, this has potential to be ~700’ tower.

I agree. I think that the developer acquired a few extra small buildings on 39th too!

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40 stories, nice. This could be quite tall for that side of Bryant Park.

That might be an old number. With 300k SF, they could go pretty tall.

This is surely muerto.


Developer removes ornamentation from Bryant Park building

(City Realty photo)


Unfortunately, not surprised; a typical developer move… hope its eventual replacement is worth it

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If this is a Norman Foster supertall, we could be getting something potentially epic. Fingers crossed.

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I don’t think that it’s supposed to be very tall.

This looks like it might be about 600’ tall.


I hope that this junk on 39th St. comes down.

P.S.: I just looked at ACRIS, and it appears that Eric Hadar’s Allied Partners, which is the developer, owns the black POS and the PsOS just to the west of it (i.e., 43 and 45). Also, Kendor Development just bought Nos. 47 and 49. Hopefully, that’s controlled by Allied, and that crap will come down too.