NEW YORK | 5 WTC (130 Liberty St) | 920 FT | FLOORS

I counted 70 floors on the renders


The only thing I notices that it seems to be labeled as 1050 feet, which is just shorter than 3 WTC. Why would they make it so that the descending heights go as 1 WTC, 2 WTC, 3 WTC, 5 WTC, 4 WTC, then 7.

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Maybe because it is a separate developer from the Port Authority/Silverstein? Not sure really.

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View it in 3d here:


Continuing the discussion from NEW YORK | World Trade Center District:

The looming World Trade Center ‘stalemate’

BY JOSH ROGERS | September 11, 2014

The World Trade Center’s epic disputes over power and money have for the most part been resolved, but there’s at least one remaining that could prevent construction of one of the proposed towers.

“We are at a stalemate with them at the moment,” David Emil, president of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., told Downtown Express last week, referring to the corporation’s dispute with the Port Authority. “It’ll be years before it’s resolved.”

The L.M.D.C., a federally-funded corporation formed to manage Downtown’s post-9/11 recovery, owns the World Trade Center Tower 5 site, and Emil said the Port wants to take it over without paying any money.

The problem, Emil said, is the site is worth $300 million to $500 million, and in addition, the L.M.D.C. spent hundreds of millions to get the site ready for development — a figure that ballooned because of the plagued and long-delayed demolition of the Deutsche Bank building, where two firefighters were killed battling a 2007 blaze.

Emil said the Port is arguing that it effectively became the owner of the site under a 2006 agreement, and that the development corporation has been acting as the Port’s agent.

“We say, yeah, that may be. If we were your agent, you have to pay us the $300 million that it cost to take this thing down, to which they say no, that was your problem you owned it — you see, you can’t have it both ways guys,” Emil said during an impromptu interview at the site Sept. 2nd, after a ceremony celebrating the opening of a temporary green market and public plaza there.

Last week, the Port Authority did not dispute Emil’s characterization of the situation, and a spokesperson declined to comment for this article.

On Tuesday, Scott Rechler, the Port’s vice chairperson, said the higher demolition costs were not a reason to revisit the agreement, but he also thought the dispute would not lead to delay.

“We’re going to live by the agreements of ‘06, and I think everyone will – to move it forward,” he told Downtown Express Sept. 9.

The 2006 deal, a memorandum of understanding between the Port and the L.M.D.C., involved a land swap of the Tower 5 site and the World Trade Center’s Performing Arts Center site.

The Port had originally planned to develop the site as an office tower but after a 2007 deal to move JP Morgan Chase headquarters Downtown fell through, it has since said it would wait for the market to dictate the best use of the site.

Emil said the Port is still looking to develop the site commercially, but the L.M.D.C. feels the quickest and most lucrative way to proceed is to build a residential tower.



Ultimately, when it comes to selling assets at the World Trade Center site, the decision comes down to a one-time injection of capital, or a sustained income stream.

There is another property with more flexibility that could be placed on the market — the Tower 5 site, or the location of the former Deutsche Bank building that sits just south of the World Trade Center campus proper. The site, currently zoned for 1.5 million square feet of commercial use, is owned by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which struck an agreement in 2006 to swap the land for a site on the WTC campus where it would build a performing arts center.

The Bloomberg administration had pushed to convert the site to 1.2 million square feet of residential use, but the LMDC and the Port Authority have been deadlocked for the past few years over the swap. The site is reported to be valued at $300 million to $500 million.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Silverstein buys the site. I’d like to see Norman Foster design 5 WTC, he still deserves to make his mark on the WTC complex.


Nice, that would be fantastic.

Bjarke’s tower at tower 2 and Foster’s at Tower 5. Pure ecstasy!


I would like that as well, CityGuy87! This would be very good for the site and for Lord Norman Foster as well!
He’s a great architect after all!
He would design a beautiful and symbolic building, just like he did with the previous Tower 2!

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I think this site in Lower Manhattan can handle a mixed-use building, a bold statement perhaps from OMA or Morphosis to complement the collection of styles.

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Even though there is very little chances for this building, I think it’s dead. Dead since 2008 :disappointed:

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it will be built a some point, but ya we have no idea when and what it will be. But there is no way this prime real estate lays dormant forever.


There’s zero chance of this tower not happening. The Port Authority already has the land sale budgeted. But it won’t be sold until the infrastructure work is complete on this block.


Check this news! I wonder if it’s correct! And I hope it is! Because…

"BIG replaced Foster & Parters last year, although reports last month suggested developer Larry Silverstein could still switch back to the original architect.

SOM’s 1 and 7 WTC are already open, as is Fumihiko Maki’s 4 WTC.

KPF’s 5 WTC is on hold and there is no 6 WTC.

Santiago Calatrava’s transit hub opened earlier this year and the performing arts centre, on which REX replaced Frank Gehry, is scheduled for a 2019 opening."

Holy Towers, finally a news that say about the 5WTC and the Performing Arts Center at least!
What do you all think about it?


This is an enormous site for residential!

I doubt that they’d build anything with a roof height higher than 1 WTC’s. Since there would be so many air rights, It would be great to see twin towers in the 1,200 foot range!

See Crain’s latest edition. There are no concrete plans yet, but very tall towers clearly will rise here.


From @mchlanglo793’s Instagram
The tower looks to be around 43 floors at 600 feet tall


And here’s the graphic if it was flat
Click for full image


looks decent, wish we’d get something as tall as 1 wtc though