NEW YORK | 450 West 51st Street - | 34,838 Sq Ft FT | 7 FLOORS - A secondary development residential building

Hi everyone, please find one of the project i have in mind. A secondary development residential building comprises an old part including a multi-story building with walls, bridging, residential/auxiliary premises, an added part including added foundation, support elements, additional areas, staircase-elevators units, an overbuilt part of several floors.

The unique part - don’t have to demolish existing building. Desing includes rooftop “backyard”, in my opinion which is nice to have!

Building Area 14,265 Sq Ft (27 Ft 88 Ft)
Other 14,265 Sq Ft
Grand Total 14,265 Sq Ft - 20 units
Construction Masonry Rent Stabilized
Land Use Public facilities & institutions
Lot Area 8,159 Sq Ft (81.25 Ft 100.42 Ft )
Building Class M4
Zoning R8
Residential FAR 6.02
Facility FAR 6.5
FAR as built 1.75
Buildable 49,117 Sq Ft
Air Rights 34,838 Sq Ft


Cool renders. Do you foresee this as a way to augment existing single story buildings without demolishing them?


thank you. not only single story buildings, but others as well. Here’s scatch i did for more complex buildings - W33 str.- W34 str. - between 9 Avenue and St Michael’s Catholic Church. There are quite a lot building in NYC with unused AR rights. Why stop getting income from existing business and use AR?


Very cool !!!