NEW YORK | 41 West 57th Street | 1,100 FT | 63 FLOORS

The only thing missing IMO is a crown, but it’s a great design, nonetheless.


This will be a good undercard tower for the area. Won’t be completely nuts, and certainly won’t be all that much of a standout, but it certainly will speak to the standards of the area.



There are now quite a few tall slender fashion models waltzing down the 57th Street runway called Billionaires row: 111 West 57th remains the most Super of the Super Models. :wink:


It also looks like needle nosed pliers.


#11 on the proposed list.
I like this project, would have preferred the other design but this one is nice as well.
Crazy to think this would be tied for tallest in LA (and by roof height would dominate) but almost disappears on 57th Street. (And that it’s only number 11 despite being 1,100 ft. Pretty exciting stuff)


Does anyone have an update on the status of this site?

Also btw, I would love to see the concept design for this site “The Khaleesi” or whatever it was called. That thing was insane, and looked to stand at least as tall as CPT.

And I would love to see Park Lane get built as well, maybe 1,200 ft or 1,300 ft.

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is there any chance one park lane will get built eventually?

As nice as it looks, I don’t think anything will happen for a couple years. Here’s a thread for more info.


God dang. Renders for this thing are so old, One57 is still the only supertall on 57th Street

@mcart The olden days. Hopefully something gets built there. This supertall (thread we’re on) and One Park Place would absolutely densify that area and balance the other supertalls out. Right now things seem a little non-proportional. Need more towers to balance

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Well this one is certainly getting built, but 1 Park Lane is more of a wild card. Who knows when that will go up.

I hope a development at One Park Lane happens soon. The current building on that site is an ugly piece of trash and ruins the aesthetics of the Central Park skyline.

The Park Lane is definitely happening. It’s one of the best development sites in the city. However, Witkoff appears to be waiting for a few years.