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Revealed: Packard Square West


41-21 24th Street, Packard Square West – rendering

The first renderings are up for a new residential project dubbed Packard Square West, located at 41-21 24th Street in Long Island City. The site’s developer is Joseph Ciampa, and the architect of record is Fakler, Eliason, & Porcelli AIA; neither of the aforementioned have functioning websites.

41-21 24th Street’s aesthetics look to be characterized by the color red, and not much else. The posted design isn’t exactly detailed, but the building will likely be rentals, distinguished by a bright-brick facade and exposed floor-plates. While not all rentals are stunning, the rendered appearance of Packard Square West leaves much to be desired.

41-21 24th Street, Packard Square West — excavation beginning

Permits for Packard Square West indicate that the development will measure 64,219 square feet, with all of the space devoted to residential use. The building will stand eleven stories tall, rising 100 feet above street level; the project will have 88 units in total.

In terms of location, the development is situated in a booming neighborhood, as construction is accelerating throughout Court Square; across the street, Perkins Eastman designed a 421-unit tower that is also rising.

Perkins Eastman’s plan for 41-42 24th Street proves that rental developments in the neighborhood — while not necessarily ‘wow’-worthy — can still be attractive additions to the cityscape. Luckily, the height of 41-21 24th Street should limit its visual impact on Court Square, and its RedRum-inspired appearance will be invisible from most perspectives.

41-21 24th Street, Packard Square West — on-site signage

Excavation on Packard Square West is well underway, and per on-site signage, completion is slated for the fall of 2015.


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