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I don’t know if I’m too early to create this topic, if so it can be moved to the Empire Station Complex. I have found the info only through Google but would have to be new.

„ Cushman & Wakefield has been exclusively retained by ownership to seek proposals from well-established and well-qualified developers for the sale of the 100% long-term leasehold interest in the development site at 409-413 8th Avenue, New York, NY (the “Site” or the “Property”).

The 74.13’ by 100’ lot (7,407± SF footprint) is located along the west side of 8th Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets. The lot is zoned C6-3X (R9X equivalent). There are currently three (3) 25’ wide, low-rise buildings totaling 18,073± SF on the site that can be vacated. The total ZFA for development as-of-right is approximately 66,663 square feet. However, the site has been identified amongst 9 other adjacent properties within Block 754 that fall within “SITE 1” of the proposed “Empire Station Complex” project which would provide developers with a major future up-zoning opportunity. While the existing C6-3X zoning offers unique flexibility and allows commercial, residential, hospitality and community facility use, the Proposed ESD Actions would override bulk, density, height limitations and potentially other requirements of the New York City Zoning Resolution. The Proposed Project Development Program for SITE 1 suggests an increase in FAR to 20.0, an expansive development program of well over 1.2 million square feet of office, hotel and retail and would include public transportation improvements and publicly accessible in-building connections. “



This is great news. That site is disgusting.


I would just merge this with the ESC thread as you suggested since the site hasn’t necessarily been sold, it is for sale and doesn’t really give much forsight to the actual development on Site 1 until an actual sale and proposal for the site is made.

This will be sold quickly. I don’t think that this site will get special zoning from the Penn plan. A hotel or condo likely will rise here.

And why wouldn’t it? It falls within Site 1

Isn’t site 1 directly south of MSG?

It’s south of Moynihan, Site 2 is South of MSG and Penn2.

This site is south of Moynihan. Is that included in the Penn Plan? Can someone post a map of the sites? I didn’t think that they included this spot.

I only suggest to merge this thread with the ESC thread because this news is only about a few of the parcels on the Site 1B lot, the whole plot can’t be developed until all the lots comprising it are bought out.


Thanks, Tom. You read my mind!

Remember, me and him aren’t the same!


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I don’t quite know if this deserves it’s own thread as there’s not much information on it, I’m of the personal belief that projects of this size should go in the general development thread until more news comes about them.

This building’s locations is also on Site 1 of the Empire Station Complex, so that also brings into question it’s veracity. I’m not saying it’s not real, but I think the thread was made prematurely.

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It Will be interesting to see what happens here.

SL Green owns the site.

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Interesting, well 2 and 2 don’t add up because the client of the proposal is not SL Green. But it’s not unusual for firms to post visionary client projects that don’t come to fruition or were not meant to be real/ were just studies.

Site 1A /1B

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Discarded design:

New design:

source: See 10 recently revealed new developments coming to NYC | CityRealty

Which design is better? You be the judge!