NEW YORK | 29-33 West 57th St | FT | FLOORS

Yeah this stretch of 57th street is pretty dumpy now thanks to demo happy developers, probably explains why all the high end retailers moved to meat packing and gansevoort!

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I can’t fathom the term “Billionnaires’ Row.” 57th is fine, but it hardly screams hyper-wealth like Belgravia, Mayfair, or parts of Paris.

Since an 1,100’ tower will rise at 41 W 57th, I expect that a tower at least as tall will rise here. Hopefully, the developers will proceed soon since the market is booming.

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Just to keep things on topic (I know you just edited/reposted your comment, but my not finalized comment still stands)

Well considering that Solow is demolishing 35 w 57th without plans for it/ the lot and only has that one lot, its possible that Vornado and LeFrak are waiting for Solow to possibly sell it.

Also (as it pertains to your previous comment), even though this one could also quite possibly be a mixed use tower, I wouldn’t compare it to 41 w 57th, because that one is on a much larger site and has bonus FAR from transit improvements. The size of this one based off of the awkward cantilever render is reflective of the sqft that this has atm.

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I’ve been assuming that So Low will sell that site. I truly hope that he does.

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I also suspect that these perennially vacant buildings on the corner will be redeveloped. Even if a site consisted just of the two of them, presumably, a 25-30 story limestone gem could rise there which houses boutique offices, a hyper high end hotel, or condos.

If all four of the small buildings were acquired, something truly amazing could rise there.

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I’m also surprised that this garbage on 56th between 5th and 6th hasn’t been redeveloped. Once again, a very high end boutique hotel would thrive there, like the Whitby down the street has.

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I wonder if Vornado is trying to acquire Sedesco’s site and the building between the two.

I personally wouldn’t see that as making sense that Vornado would try to be purchasing the land for 41 W 57th St, that project is already well into development even though it too is at a stand still.

It seems more likely that there are internal conflicts between LeFrak and Vornado

I think that divisions between LeFrak and Vornado are the primary reason why nothing is occurring here.

I thought that maybe Sedesco was getting cold feet. I guess tight lending and high interest rates are the problem.

Hopefully, Vornado can buy out LeFrak and then partner with Sedesco.

Vornado and Sedesco control everything in this image except for the hotel and the crappy condo on 58th.

Vornado even owns this depressing little building at 49 W 57th where Rifelisssi used to be.

On a site this big, they could build a 21st Century twin tower project like San Reno.


That would be beyond incredible.