NEW YORK | 271 Sea Breeze Ave | 230 FT | 19 FLOORS


271 Sea Breeze is now finally on its way to becoming the home of a 19-story residential building. The Seabreeze is slated to rise a total of 230 feet, divided amongst 19 floors. Offering up a grand total 179,267 square feet of space, the project will yield 114 residential units. With an average size of 1,572 square feet, the building is leaning more to the tone of luxury, with condominiums likely.

Furthering that idea is the inclusion of 135 permanent parking spaces in the building’s base for residents’ convenience. The project will also include approximately 32,000 square feet of community space.

The waterfront location will offer up unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean on the building’s south side, as well as views of the Manhattan skyline to the northwest. The site also finds itself situated directly adjacent to Asser Levy Park, which opens up to Coney Island Beach, offering residents near direct access.

Credit: YIMBY

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Coney Island being gentrified is a weird sight, but I guess because of its proximity to the beaches, it’s long overdue. I need to get back down there once now that the city is reopening.