NEW YORK | 21 Commercial St (Greenpoint Landing) | 70 FT | 6 FLOORS

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Occupancy Classification: R-2 - RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES
Multiple Dwelling Classification: HAEA
Building Height (ft.): 70
Building Stories: 6
Dwelling Units: 93

Rendering Posted for Affordable Greenpoint Landing Building

By Rebecca | 08/04/14 10:45am

We found this rendering on the fence at 21 Commercial Street, where Greenpoint Landing Associates is building one of two affordable apartment buildings as part of the huge Greenpoint Landing megacomplex on the water in Greenpoint. A similar rendering but with less detail has been published before.

The six-story building will have 93 units spread across 82,476 square feet, along with 2,557 square feet of ground floor commercial space, as we reported in March. The building permits were approved last month. Construction fencing is up, but work hasn’t begun yet. The second affordable project is at 33 Eagle Street, which will be a seven-story building with 98 units.

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Let the pile driving begin! Greenpoint Landing starts construction

Posted by Kim M | August 5, 2014
Photo credit: Kim Masson

Greenpoint’s got a new kid on the block and he’s entered the hood with a bang. For anyone who has seen the mounds of excavated dirt, or the felt the head-splitting thunderous claps of wooden piles being driven into the ground at 7 am, knows Greenpoint Landing has officially arrived.

Greenpoint Landing’s construction crew, which quietly set-up shop at the end of Commercial Street in July, are now laying down the foundation at 21 Commercial Street–a low-rise, affordable residential building with approximately 98 units. Phase 1 of the Commercial Street construction will involve digging trenches, along with upgrades and relocation of combined sewage overflow pipes (CSO’s).

Foundation Goes in at Greenpoint Landing

12/01/14 11:30am

This building is apparently now known as “7 Bell Slip.” It is at Clay Street and Commercial Street.

Some photos from this morning:



Great pics 5B. I just noticed in your pics that you captured a lot of work across newtown creek at hunters point south! Looks like they are preparing to build the final stages of the waterfront development in LIC.

Here are more from today. 1/21


Thanks JC. Between the potato pierogis, the smoked meats, and the beautiful Polish girls a place on the water might be the last reason I need to move back to Greenpoint.