NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD

I hear 2 WTC could start January 2016


Great news!

Do you have inside connections?

Looking forward to see this rise.



Me too, VG.

Where is that model/photo from (eg, BIG, Silvetstein, etc.)?

This tower is stunning.

PS: I like how the schlongs on other forums, who pan this opus Magnus, praise 1000 S Michigan which does not remotely compare to 2 WTC. They must be giving a lot of head to the Mods to avoid getting banned.

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I dunno RW! Definitely I would think it’s taken from BIG’s office near the WTC cuz you can see some of Bjark’s other projects laying around.

Here’s another one!!



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That’s nice!

I hope start going vertical soon. The trade center complex is the best.

I agree. The WTC area is stunning, and this tower is magnificent!


My friend who is a guard at the World Trade Center says underground of 2 WTC has already been complete, so it the PATH entrances.


It’s my understanding that once the lease is signed, it’s ready to go vertical, and there won’t be months of underground work like we see at other buildings before they reach street level.



If this 1,280’ tower were being built in any other city in the world, its residents would be acting like Jesus was descending from Heavan and taking up residence in their city.


So true. Some cities, a 400 footer is a big deal. Eh, I don’t get it either, the complaints. Must be 1st world problems complaining about a super tall. People are ungrateful is what it is.

I attribute it to NY envy. Normal people, like those of us on this forum, appreciate all great cities, such as Paris, London, Shanghai, SF, etc.

However, NAMBLA members on other forums simply bash every NY project, and with respect to those projects that are utter perfection (eg, Steinway and Verre), they make groundless predictions about value engineering. The funny thing is that most of those stooges will never even visit NY.

This forum, by contrast, has great people worldwide who celebrate NY and other great cities .


When do you think we’ll get an announcement regarding the finalization of the Fox/News Corp lease and construction? Isn’t it pretty much a done deal at this point?

From what I’ve heard, it’s a done deal, and there will be an announcement by January with construction starting soon!

Does it have financing?

I don’t know, but if NewsCorp signs the lease, it will be financed.

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Do we know its official height, ive heard 1,340, 1,270, 1,363, and now 1,280? And where did you see the model @robertwalpole ?