NEW YORK | 1221 Spofford Avenue (The Peninsula) | FT | 10-15 FLOORS

This is on the site of the old juvie in Hunts Point in the Bronx.

Main highlight: 740 units of affordable housing.


This is good news.

740 units of 100% affordable housing

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one notorious juvenile facility in the Bronx has closed and it will be replaced by a comprehensive development that will usher in 740 units of affordable housing and a myriad of community offerings. Situated in the South Bronx’s Hunts Point neighborhood, the Spofford Juvenile Center was built in 1957 and fans across a 5-acre site behind a monastery and the office conversion of the American Bank Note building. Infamous for its poor conditions, the center was closed by the Bloomberg administration in 2011 after years of appeals made by neighborhood activists and local politicians.
the $300 million project will be composed of five buildings that will be built during three phases. The plan is expected to wrap up in 2024 and will be composed of 740 units of affordable housing available to a wide range of households, from students to seniors to families. The units will be complemented by 52,000 square feet of open/recreational space, 49,000 square feet of light industrial space, 48,000 square feet of community facility space, and 21,000 square feet of ground-floor retail/commercial space



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