NASHVILLE | Nashville Yards | 17 Acre

Here, AEG is planning its 2.46 million-square-foot mixed-use entertainment district. Specifics include:

  • a 12-story, 456,000-square-foot building with a movie theater, creative office space, second-level big-box store and ground-floor retail.
  • a 4,000-person, 125,800-square-foot event venue
  • two residential towers of 34 and 35 stories, which will collectively house 696 units, as well as meeting rooms, food and drink outlets, retail, a gym and a pool.
  • a pedestrian “paseo” between the four main buildings, lined with outdoor seating, dining and landscaping

This portion’s project team includes architects Gresham Smith and HOK; civil engineer RaganSmith Associates; landscape architect Hoerr Schaudt; and Dallas-based multifamily developer StreetLights Residential.

Also eyed for AEG’s land is either one or two other towers adjacent to the entertainment district, but it appears that details have not been decided yet.
This address is across Church Street from Amazon’s towers, and next to the parcel earmarked for a 35-story office building to be anchored by Pinnacle Financial Partners.

Now, Southwest Value Partners is planning a new 43-story office tower that would feature 20,000 square feet of daycare space, according to a sketch. Together, the Pinnacle tower and this newly unveiled structure would comprise 2.44 million square feet of new construction, according to project documents.

A new elevated roadway, dubbed “upper 10th Avenue,” is also proposed. The street would accommodate pedestrian activity and building entrances, with the lower 10th Avenue accommodating traffic, according to plans.

Link to the cams: OxBlue Construction Time-Lapse Cameras


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I do like the overall style they’re going for. Love entertainment districts and the walkable part in between looks amazing.

It is kinda small but so is Nashville in general so that’s fine.
The buildings all have this sort of flow to them that is visually appealing.

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Like I said in a separate thread; Same shit done slightly smaller. Throwing up an entertainment/arts venue and more fluid, walkable design? That’s all hunky and dory, but I’m telling you guys, this will trickle down and eventually it will get so played out anything different will be looked at as a godsend.

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1010 Church Street