MIAMI | Riverwalk Towers | 4 X 750 FT | 4 X 60 FLOORS

Four 60-story towers on river advance

Miami Riverwalk would be constructed in five phases. The latest presentation listed components of each phase.

•Phase 1: 60 stories mixed-use, 460 dwelling units, 156 hotel rooms, 48,820 square feet of commercial space and 636 parking spaces.

•Phase 2: 60 stories mixed-use, 470 dwelling units, 90 hotel rooms, 48,820 square feet of commercial space and 654 parking spaces.

•Phase 3: Three stories of marine industrial in 26,539 square feet, 16,935 square feet of commercial space, 9,604 square feet of office space and .35-mile of riverwalk promenade.

•Phase 4: 60 stories mixed-use, 510 dwelling units, 47,500 square feet of office space, 48,820 square feet of commercial space and 698 parking spaces.

•Phase 5: 60 stories mixed-use, 322 dwelling units, 62,500 square foot of office space, 16,800 square foot of commercial space and 420 parking spaces.


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I’ll check back again in another seven years.

New construction permits still pending, but now officially FAA approved for the first tower on the northwest section of the assemblage.


The project is officially named Miami River.

Foundation work for the first tower