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Note: This will take 15 years to finish. The source in the reference section has a lot of information on the project including numerous articles and documents.

Current Site (Has a long way to go): :smile:


  1. (Official Project Site: Has informations, q/a on the project)

Biscayne Landing Developer Buys More Land, Plans Over 4,000 Units

More condos are coming to the Biscayne Landing property in North Miami, which was once a superfund site.

Oleta Partners LLC, a partnership between Michael Swerdlow and the Lefrak Organization, are buying an additional 50 acres from the city of North Miami. They are paying just $4 million up front for the newly added land, with another $16 million to be paid over the next ten years. The city will also get 2 percent of condo sales.

The developers plan to build over 4,000 units at the site.

Current Towers Build: First two out of more than two dozen.