LONDON | 55 Bishopsgate | FT | 58 FLOORS


It is gorgeous. Shame on 22 BG awful set backs.
This one and 100 Leadenhall are total winners.
With the current designs on pipeline, London perhaps enters de top 5 of Western World Great Skylines (NYC, Toronto, Chicago, Sydney and the thing would be between Miami and London itself for this spot)

Melbourne has a better skyline than Sydney.
Miami isn’t close to London, in fact I’d put both LA and SF above it. We’ll see in a few years after it gets a lot of its proposals completed.

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Now Sydney, with all the new developments is ahead again IMO.

I haven’t been keeping up with development in Sydney

The CBD, North Sydney and Parramatta are on fire withe 50+new skyscrapers set for completion.
Furthermore Sydney skyline is much more beautiful than Melbourne’s as it is full of real icons.

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