JERSEY CITY | Updates on New Building Permits

I’ve been way too busy this past month, sorry for the lack of updates.

Here are all multifamily buildings that have gotten construction permits in the past month (from largest to smallest). About 280 units’ worth. I’ve been past all of these projects recently and they were all in the excavation or pile driving phase:

89 Monitor Steet (aka 95 Monitor St), a 114-unit, 6-story building with retail, a restaurant, and 36 parking spots in Lafayette Park (on August 13):

39 High Street (aka 37-47 High St), an 83-unit, 6-story building with 18 onsite parking spots in Journal Square (on August 21):

503 Communipaw Ave (aka 509 Communipaw), a 5-story, 36-unit building with a Citibike station, a retail space, and no onsite parking near the Junction in Bergen-Lafayette (on August 7):

530 Ocean Ave, a 4-story, 20-unit 100% affordable veteran’s supportive housing project with retail and no parking, (on August 18):

36 Vroom Street, an 4-story, 8-unit project with no onsite parking in Journal Square (on August 5):

151-153 Webster Ave, a 3-story, 6-unit project with 6 offsite parking spaces in the Heights (on July 28).



Past month recap. Things seem to have slowed down even more.

413 Summit Ave, a 148-unit, 18-story building with 4,865 sq ft of retail and 16 underground parking spots in Journal Square (on October 5 2020):

1720 Kennedy Blvd, a 44-unit, 5-story building with one retail space and 44 parking spots in Greenville near the Bayonne border, got its permits on 10/7/2020.

56 Cottage St, a 26-unit, 5-story building with no parking in Journal Square got its permits on 10/1/2020 (next but distinct from 60 Cottage St which is also U/C):

122 New York Ave, a 9-unit, 4-story building with 9 parking spaces in the Heights (on Sept 28, 2020):

339 Palisade Ave, a 4-story, 4-unit building in the Heights (on Sept 22, 2020):


503 Communipaw is already under construction last I saw. I finally have an account with the SDL Portal. It’s quite useful lol. There should be new permits up soon for the next phase of the NJCU University Place development. Also for a new building of St. Peters University on Montgomery.


There are several buildings I saw in beginning stages as well, mostly around Grand Street and Journal Square. Will try to post over the next few days.

There was no action at the 413 Summit Ave a few days ago.


413 Summit is still a work in progress

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I’ll update this post over the next few hours/days with photos corresponding with some of those recent permit sites, and also some others that have started recently.

413 Summit - this is from a month ago but it looked the same yesterday when I biked by

530 Ocean Ave (mid August)

829-843 Garfield Ave (mid August)

503 Communipaw (mid August - haven’t checked it since)

36 Vroom St (end of August)


Ugh, I forgot some buildings in my recap above. Have edited that post and including them below also.

56 Cottage St, a 26-unit, 5-story building with no parking in Journal Square got its permits on 10/1/2020 (next to 60 Cottage St which is also U/C):

And 1720 Kennedy Blvd, a 44-unit, 5-story building with one retail space and 44 parking spots in Greenville near the Bayonne border, got its permits on 10/7/2020.


There’s a few others that I’ve passed that have either started (with older permits), recently pulled permits, or have some work going on but haven’t yet pulled any permits.

678-684 Grand Street, a 60-unit, 5 story building with retail and 65 parking spaces. This permit was actually pulled in 2018 for the construction, but just recently the site was graded and surrounded by a construction fence. They were trying to flip the site for a while if I remember correctly.

643-652 Grand Street, a 4-story, 48 unit building with retail and 22 parking spots. No permits pulled yet, but the gas station was closed and surrounded by a fence. Keep an eye on this one.

20 Amity Street - finally figured out what one of these construction sites is…a warehouse expansion

114 Amity Street - and the one next to it too! It’s…some sort of PSE&G station. Bit of a letdown

3 New York Ave, an 8-story, 340 unit building with 206 parking spots. Demo permit was obtained on 1/3/2020, but only recently started.

17-19 Ash Street, a 6-story, 25 unit building with 8 parking spaces. The permit was submitted on 9/15/20 and failed, but the site was recently mowed and given a new(ish) fence, so watch this one too.

342 Johnston Street, an 8-story 55 unit building with retail and 13 parking spots. No permits yet but recently (poorly) fenced in.

345 Baldwin Ave, a 13-story, 116 unit building with retail and 21 parking spaces. Demo permit issued 9/21/20, demolition completed recently.


Here’s a new one -
530 Montgomery Street , a new mosque being built by the Muslim Federation of New Jersey. Permit issues 9/16/20

Recently demo-ed


Been a few months since any updates here.

There’s been smaller buildings/medium sized buildings that have pulled permits recently, but this one from today caught my eye:

618 Pavonia Ave - 27 Stories, 376 units.

This is one of the Homestead Place buildings. I guess it’s next? It’s the wide one in the foreground of this rendering:

EDIT: I guess they also filed permits for the one in between (26-28 Van Reipen) last October, so maybe that one would be built before 618 Pavonia


Thanks for taking over this thread, Oron! Great posts. Permit activity has fallen quite a bit. I had kind of forgotten about this thread.

Here are the buildings between October 8, 2020 and today’s 618 Pavonia permit:

Permit issued 10/8/2020
3 stories, 6 units, 6 parking

17A-19 ASH ST.
Permit issued 11/16/2020
6 stories
25 units
8 parking
Zoning: Lafayette Park RDP

Permit issued 11/16/2020
6 stories
99 units
ground-floor retail
50 parking

Permit issued 12/1/2020
11 stories
14 units
1 storefront
0 parking

271 SIP AVE.
Permit issued 12/2/2020
6 stories
60 units
46 parking

Permit issued 12/5/2020
5 stories
30 units
Permit issued 12/11/2020
5 stories
60 units
65 parking
1 storefront

Permit issued 1/5/2021
3 stories
4 units
0 parking
Live/work space

3 stories
6 units
0 parking

5 stories, 16 units
0 parking
2,015 sq ft retail

125 LAKE ST.
3 stories, 12 units
12 parking

5 stories, 16 units
0 parking
1,989 sq ft retail


There’s a few more I can add to this list soon, but it’s still being reviewed. I was speaking to some people about the state of development in the city, and they tell me things have definitely slowed. Projects we see now are the ones with financing and they want to get finished. Hopefully it doesn’t last long.

244 St. Pauls Ave is already putting up the first floor, it’s looking great!


Here’s a chart I put together showing the 12-month moving average of units permitted since Jan 1, 2020. About a 50% drop year-over-year even after including 618 Pavonia: