JERSEY CITY | Updates on New Building Permits

Thanks for your updates. Agreed about most sites picking up after the ban. The only three large sites that seem to have been stalled by the shutdown are 96-100 Tuers Ave (a 6-story, 38-unit building, stalled after pile driving), 51-53 High St (a 4-story 19-unit development, stalled during excavation), and possibly 3316 Kennedy Blvd mentioned above. Unsurprising since these are smaller, cheaper buildings with fewer amenities in neighborhoods are less expensive than Downtown…maybe lenders are re-evaluating whether they pencil out anymore?

Anyway, I appreciate your updates. But I didn’t include those other sites in this thread yet bc I meant to make this thread only to post pulled building permit notifications. Maybe we can make a separate thread for general development updates? Your updates are always excellent, by the way!


Thanks. I wasn’t sure about adding them because of that - the only permits I remember off the top of my head were for 762 Montgomery and 177 Academy, and those are just demo permits.

Off topic again, but I’d add a few others to the possibly affected by Covid list:

  • 460 Grand (10 stories, 82 Units. Then again this one has never been fast)
  • 253 Academy (5 stories, 81 Units, right by 96-100 Tuers. May have just visited this one at lunch hour, there were definitely contractor vehicles nearby).
  • 134 Baldwin Ave (8 Stories, 91 Units. This one seemed a bit stuck prior to Covid too. There may be interior work ongoing though)

Realistically, I’d think there would be a bit of a pullback from non-Downtown areas, but as far as I can tell it’s pretty limited. Most of the work seems to be going on as if nothing happened (fitting, since many people seem to be living on as if nothing happened)


460 Grand and 134 Baldwin got exemptions for work during the emergency, and I’ve seen people inside 134 Baldwin doing interior work every day as recently as today. It’s slow, but it hasn’t stopped.

253 Academy–this one is very confusing. They stopped structural work after the first floor, but they have had electricians on site every day since the ban was lifted. So I’m assuming they’re still a go for now.

I guess it makes sense to include demo permits in this thread. Feel free to post them, as well as new-construction permits (including footing/foundations).


The Phase 1.2 of 100 Water Street/132 Yale Street, on the West Side, has pulled its construction permit. It’s a 5-story, 88-unit building with two retail storefronts.

Phase 1.1 was a 145-unit building plus the temporary surface parking with 123 parking spaces with four retail storefronts. Future phases will bring an additional 388 apartments on the sites that are currently surface parking or vacant lawns (“Lot B”) on the map below.
@Oreo_Zchut or anyone else who has pics of this site, please feel free to chime in!

Phase 1.2 on the left:


Phase 1.1 is almost finished so construction on the next half seems likely. Facade is pretty much finished. I’ll try and get some shots tomorrow.


32 Oakland pulled its permits today. a 15-story, 297-unit building in Journal Square.

More details on it here:


28 Cottage Street, a 20-story, 166-unit building with two floors of offices, 1,021 sq ft of retail and no parking, had its permits issued today:

So did 100 Colden, Street, a 12-story, 129-unit building with 44,000 sqft self -storage facility, 28,000 sqft of retail at street level, 10,000 sqft of office space, parking for 174 cars and a 4,000 sqft health center:


On Thursday 6/25/2020, permits were issued for 1075 West Side Ave, a 13-story building with 486 units, 45,000 sq ft of retail, and 285 parking spots.


Thank you @apophenic for all the work you’ve put into this thread and continuing the Jersey City updates.



829-843 Garfield has been issued its permits today. A 5-story, 108-unit building with ground-floor retail and 76 parking spaces. It will have 11 affordable housing apartments.

Interestingly, they applied for permits in late April, so this is the first building to apply for permits after the COVID shutdown to begin construction.

I went past the site yesterday, and rebar was already coming out of the ground.


311 West Side Ave, a 5-story building building with 32 units, 3 retail spaces, and 19 parking spaces, got its permit today. Located near the West Side Ave station in the West Side Redevelopment Plan area.



I hope that this goes off without a hitch. It’s next door neighbor has become an abandoned construction site and it’s a huge eyesore. But great news! It’s near a bunch of other sites that are going through the pipeline.


Today permits were issued for 506-508 Central Ave, a 5-story, 25-unit building with retail, 2 affordable apartments, and 5 parking spaces in the Heights neighborhood:



Not sure if you’ve seen a permit for this site but there is construction equipment and machinery on site here.

530 Ocean Avenue in Greenville


^^Haven’t seen anything pop up for that one yet. I feel like the link between permits and construction has broken down a bit post-COVID.

Permits filed today for 374 Communipaw Ave, a 5-story, 40-unit building with 9 parking spaces and 2,600 sq ft of retail in the Lafayette/Communipaw neighborhood. 2 units will be income-restricted housing.


To update one of your permit sites - here is 100 Colden Street from last night. Pile driver is on site

And here’s one that has no permits yet: 3060 JFK, a 6-story, 99-unit building. Some minor demo and site clearing has started. I assume permits will be coming soon

And another two to keep on eye on since they have pile drivers on-site, but no permits yet: 95 Monitor St

And either 408-410 Whiton, or 412-418 Whiton


I’ve been way too busy this past month, sorry for the lack of updates.

Here are all multifamily buildings that have gotten construction permits in the past month (from largest to smallest). About 280 units’ worth. I’ve been past all of these projects recently and they were all in the excavation or pile driving phase:

89 Monitor Steet (aka 95 Monitor St), a 114-unit, 6-story building with retail, a restaurant, and 36 parking spots in Lafayette Park (on August 13):

39 High Street (aka 37-47 High St), an 83-unit, 6-story building with 18 onsite parking spots in Journal Square (on August 21):

503 Communipaw Ave (aka 509 Communipaw), a 5-story, 36-unit building with a Citibike station, a retail space, and no onsite parking near the Junction in Bergen-Lafayette (on August 7):

530 Ocean Ave, a 4-story, 20-unit 100% affordable veteran’s supportive housing project with retail and no parking, (on August 18):

36 Vroom Street, an 4-story, 8-unit project with no onsite parking in Journal Square (on August 5):

151-153 Webster Ave, a 3-story, 6-unit project with 6 offsite parking spaces in the Heights (on July 28).



Past month recap. Things seem to have slowed down even more.

413 Summit Ave, a 148-unit, 18-story building with 4,865 sq ft of retail and 16 underground parking spots in Journal Square (on October 5 2020):

1720 Kennedy Blvd, a 44-unit, 5-story building with one retail space and 44 parking spots in Greenville near the Bayonne border, got its permits on 10/7/2020.

56 Cottage St, a 26-unit, 5-story building with no parking in Journal Square got its permits on 10/1/2020 (next but distinct from 60 Cottage St which is also U/C):

122 New York Ave, a 9-unit, 4-story building with 9 parking spaces in the Heights (on Sept 28, 2020):

339 Palisade Ave, a 4-story, 4-unit building in the Heights (on Sept 22, 2020):


503 Communipaw is already under construction last I saw. I finally have an account with the SDL Portal. It’s quite useful lol. There should be new permits up soon for the next phase of the NJCU University Place development. Also for a new building of St. Peters University on Montgomery.


There are several buildings I saw in beginning stages as well, mostly around Grand Street and Journal Square. Will try to post over the next few days.

There was no action at the 413 Summit Ave a few days ago.