JERSEY CITY | 591 Montgomery St | 214 FT | 18 FLOORS

EDIT 1/27/2022: New Renderings:

The site of this building will be where the trees are to the right of the Art Deco building in the foreground of this picture:

The Art Deco buildings are part of the Beacon (formerly the JC Medical Center). The site of this building is highlighted here in red in relation to the JCMC.
Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 8.31.37 PM

LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF JERSEY CITY ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on January 23, 2020, at 6:30 p.m., a public hearing will be conducted before the City of Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment (“Zoning Board”), in the Council Chambers of City Hall (2nd Floor), located at 280 Grove Street, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302 in connection with property located at 591 Montgomery Street and designated as Block 13601, Lot 1 on the Tax Map of the City of Jersey City (the “Property”). The Property is located within Jersey City’s R-4 Zoning District. The Applicant, Jones Hall Associates, LP (“Applicant”), has applied to the Zoning Board for preliminary and final site plan approval, minor subdivision, as well as for bulk and use variance relief in order to develop an 18-story mixed-use development consisting of three stories of medical use, 15 stories of multi-family housing, and 4 levels of parking (surface and underground) along with related site improvements. The Applicant seeks a “D” variances pursuant to: (1) MLUL 40:55D-70.d.(1) to permit a medical use on the first three floors where medical uses are not permitted in the R-4 Zoning District; (2) pursuant to MLUL 40:55D-70.d.(5) to permit a unit count per acre of 106 units where 98 units/acre is permitted; and (3) pursuant to MLUL 40:55D-70.d.(6) to permit a building height of 214’-10 3/4 " which exceeds the R-4 Zoning District height requirement by more than 10 feet or 10%.


Wait never mind, answered my own question.

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added some pictures for context.


Thanks. Yeah at first i was thinking it was the parking lot across the street, corner of Mill Road.




And some more (copied them to the first post too)


Really respect the developer for having the building blend into the surroundings. If built I doubt anyone would say its out-of-place or garish.


Yeah, it’s very friendly to its iconic neighbors. Very exciting news for Montgomery Street. Do we know who the architect is?


GRO Architect