Highrise/skyscraper Development Lists - All U.S. Cities Applicable

ya pretty much, he really perked up when I asked him about the new towers going up in 2 bridges district, he went on to tell me the one will have a cantilever like the one in Flatiron district. Gave a lot of trivia about Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and also highlighted that 1 in 4 financial transactions that happen in the entire world each day take place in lower Manhattan in the financial district which I did not realize it was that high.

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Sounds like a great guy. If New York went down. The whole world would too.

hey all, trying to figure out if we know anything more about this. Its a pretty large assemblage. I tried search 46th street on the forum here and nothing came up that matches.

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I do not think I’ve heard of that one. Although there are a lot of possible supertall sites dotted all around midtown that are seeming to be quite large in theory.
Really, there will be a gap between Bills Row and Hudson Yards unless these clandestine developments amount to something sizeable. And I mean at least 3. Otherwise there will be 1 Vandy as the only lone wolf competitor.

Here’s the thread

ya this is 5 or 6 sites.

closest thing I found was this one, but it is SL Green, not excel and the other side of the block.

okay now I read it closer it appears that the article only referred to the 46th side of the assemblage. And 47th side is separate and they bought the properties off SL Green.

I count a total of 8 sites in this assemblage. I cant see how this wont be really f-ing tall in an area that could use a noteworthy building.

Skyscraper List

I find this interesting about the current wave.

Look through the list. A vast majority of on going construction and proposals are in the +750 foot range. Once you get down to about 61 on this list the current projects and proposals thin out.

I think much of this has to do with the fact that unless you are building in the outer boroughs it just does not make sense economically to build under 200m or so. Which that is where we see most of the 100m-200m activity is in LIC and DOBRO. The places in Manhattan to build in this range are shrinking. With no go zones like East/West/Greenwich Villages and the NIMBY warriors in the upper east/west sides we are not seeing a ton of the 100-200meter towers.

Anyways I found this interesting, maybe someone else has a theory on why it looks this way this wave.

It’s all about the view! :smile: Manhattan has developed a 600’ - 700’ plateau, in Midtown and Downtown even a 800’+ one. Developers have to build tall to offer unrestricted views. Many prime locations are filled with tall skyscrapers, so there’s no way around it.

Exactly! This is why the plateau will eventually be 1000’ in even midtown, or at least certain sections. It’s slowly happening with the HY towers to start

Hey, Guys!
Check this very very very old video of New York skyline! And to think that in the future, this city will have the Age of Ramses. :slight_smile:

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Even more international development money and thousands of new financial jobs to come to New York? They certainly won’t be going to our major financial competitor, London, for quite a while. If the US and NYC can stay out of a recession… Let’s see what happens!

I am sure this will help speed things alone. I think the basic point of the bill is to prevent the landmarks commission from tying up lots from being developed while they are being reviewed. The result should be that they will only be able to focus on the sites that truly deserve landmark status instead of every old building.

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Navigating the construction lending drought
Trophy office buildings and luxury condos are becoming harder to finance, but some are tapping into the right formulas


I was thinking this is the perfect thread for us to sticky to the top of the forum and then make actual links to each page for each building under construction. I was thinking of doing it by region of the New York Metro Area. Robert already sort of started, except it’s not categorized and it’s not linked to each page yet.

Manhattan (list all towers in height order)

Brooklyn (list all towers in height order)

Queens (list all towers in height order)

Jersey City (list all towers in height order)

Other Areas including Fort Lee, Newark, White Plains, etc.

Anyone else agree?

That would be nice indeed. There’s the supertall (actually 200m+) list on SSP, but this will take even more time. On SSP, I’ve also linked every project to its corresponding thread. I guess there has to be cut heightwise, maybe @500’.

EDIT: ok, a list for U/C buldings only wouldn’t break the mold. :slight_smile:

We can tag it’s status next to the height within the list.

So a compilation in any case? Like a directory or table of contents?

Question for all members:

What do you think about this:



  1. “Borough Name”


  1. BROOKLYN | 286 Ashland Place | 364 FT | 32 FLOORS
  2. MANHATTAN | 432 Park Avenue | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


Just want to get a survey up. Are some for it? Against it? Think it will help in organization?

Something that only applies to NYC based development. So in the case of Jersey City, “X”, will say: Jersey City